Shark Iron Reviews – Professionally Best or Not?


When it comes to affordable and very high performing irons, you can’t get much better than Shark. The Shark product lines have built a worldwide reputation for excellence—providing first-rate results at virtually every price point. So, no matter what your household need, chances are there’s a Shark product out there that’s exactly right for you.

Choosing the Best Shark Steam Iron!

Unfortunately, with such a diverse and prolific product catalogue, choosing the right Shark product an be overwhelming. This article reviews the best Shark irons to help you choose precisely the iron that meets your household needs. In the process, we will also explore other important categories, such as the Best Steam Irons for Under $50 and the Best Steam Irons for Under $100. We’ll also look at the top rated handheld garment steamers and best cordless steam irons.

Shark GI405 – Professional Steam Power Iron

Shark GI405The Shark GI405 is Amazon’s best-selling Shark iron, and with good reason. This model provides professional-quality results at a modest price point, retailing on Amazon for less than $35. This iron has lots of features to love, but its simple design makes it extremely user-friendly.

The Perks:

  • At 1600 watts for the 9.5 inch soleplate model, this iron packs a lot of power over a generous surface area;
  • The iron features a number of clever design elements that make it a breeze to use, from the large water fill door enabling filling straight from the faucet, to the large temperature dial and LED indicator lights, to the one-touch fabric selector button;
  • The iron is constructed of durable and very high quality materials, including stainless steel at the soleplate, as well as anti-calcification features at the large 360ml water tank.

The Drawbacks:

  • On the whole, reviewers rave about this little workhorse of an iron. However, some users have reported problems with the steam button after multiple uses.

The Leading Competitors:

The Shark GI405 holds up really well against its leading competitors, like the Maytag M400. Though the Maytag has comparable features, including its anti-calcification, anti-drip, and self-cleaning properties, the Shark is less expensive and boasts customer reviews as high as the Maytag, if not higher in many cases.

Shark GI505 – Ultimate Professional Iron

Shark GI505-minThough the Shark GI405 is the Amazon best seller, it is the GI505 which claims the honor of being named an Amazon “Best Choice” product, and there’s little reason to wonder why. Though slightly more expensive than the GI405, it is significantly more powerful, providing the performance and the features of a professional-grade iron. Read our Review of Shark GI505 to know more.

The Perks:

  • With a 9.5 inch soleplate, the iron covers the same surface area of the previous model, but, at 1800 watts, it is substantially more powerful;
  • The stainless steel soleplate is constructed with Smooth Glide technology, making the iron extremely easy to maneuver, even over the most stubborn fabrics and into the tightest corners of your delicate apparel;
  • At 300ml, the water tank is massive, making this the ideal iron for heavy loads and prolonged use in a single session;
  • This is an iron that is built to last. With its anti-calcification and anti-drip properties, it can take lots of punishment and keep on performing like a champ.
  • This is an iron that was obviously engineered with safety in mind as well, boasting a multi-position auto-shutoff feature to prevent burns, scorching, or, worse, accidental housefires.

The Cons:

  • Once again, the reviews for this model have been very impressive overall. Some users report an issue with dripping, however, despite the anti-drip feature;
  • As with the previous model, some users have experienced problems with the steam button with this model as well.

The Leading Competitors:

Once again, this Shark model holds up exceptionally well against its primary rival, the Maytag M800. The Shark is roughly the same price but features a significantly larger water tank. Another contender against the Shark is the Black and Decker D3030. Though less expensive on average than this Shark model, it also is not as highly ranked and does not seem to provide the consistently stellar performance or highly desirable features of the Shark.

Shark GI468 – Lightweight & Professional Iron

Shark GI468Though not as powerful as the previous two models reviewed here, the Shark GI468 is still a high-performance iron at a reasonable price, retailing for around $40.

The Perks:

  • This Shark model is designed to be very user-friendly, with a self-cleaning capacity, generous 8ft cord and auto-shutoff safety feature designed to cut power to the iron after 7 minutes of inactivity;
  • The iron features powerful vertical and horizontal steaming capabilities to help you reach the toughest spots on even your most fragile fabrics;
  • The LED temperature display and multiple temperature settings help you to easily adjust the iron to exactly the temperatures your fabrics need;

The Drawbacks:

  • Though retailing at roughly the same price as the previous models, it is significantly less powerful at 1500 watts;
  • This iron is missing a number of the bells and whistles that the other models do, such as the extra large water tank and anti-calcification and anti-drip features that make the other irons stand out;
  • Some reviewers complain that this iron feels a bit flimsy, especially when compared with older irons or the more powerful models featured here.

The Leading Competitors:

In the case of this particular model, it seems that Shark does not fare quite as well as its counterparts, such as the Black and Decker D2030. Encompassing a similar price point and featuring many of the same amenities of the Shark, the Black and Decker has higher customer reviews, on the whole, and seems to provide a consistently superior performance.

Another contender against this Shark model is the Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP. Though the Shark is more expensive, on average, than the Sunbeam, it also enjoys higher customer ratings and seems to offer better results and more amenities than Sunbeam’s economic little iron.

Shark GI435 – Lightweight Professional Steam Iron

When it comes to power and performance, you can’t get much better than the GI435 model, thanks to its innovative X-Tended Steam Burst feature. Best of all, this is professional quality ironing at a modest price, retailing, like the previous models on this list, at only around $40.

The Perks:

  • The GI435 boasts an array of unique features that make it stand apart—and above—most of the rest. One of the best of these is the dual-chamber, X-Tended Steam Burst feature, producing a powerful jolt of steam from both the horizontal and vertical positions;
  • This is a powerful iron, encompassing 1600 watts at roughly the same price as a 1500 watt iron;
  • This is another iron designed with safety in mind, including a multi-position auto-shutoff feature to prevent accidental damage to your apparel or, worse, damage to your home;
  • Another terrific feature of this iron is the Intelligent Electronic Controls feature. This helps to ensure the optimal heat and steam settings for your fabrics, ensuring superb results while protecting and lengthening the life of your apparel;
  • This is another model that features anti-drip properties and an extra-large stainless steel soleplate, making the iron extremely user-friendly.

The Drawbacks:

  • Some reviewers have complained that this iron is rather short-lived, even with only light use;
  • As with the other models, a number of users have reported problems with the steam button, both in terms of the reliability of operation of the button or of the quantity and control of the steam when released.

The Leading Competitors:

One of the most significant competitors for this Shark model is the Oliso Pro TG1600 and, in many ways, it’s a pretty tight horserace here. In terms of features, performance, and customer reviews, the two are roughly equivalent—with the Oliso Pro perhaps enjoying a slight edge in performance. However, where the Shark is the clear winner is in the price, retailing for more than $100 less than the Oliso Pro, but with comparable performance.

Another significant competitor here is the Maytag M1200. In this case, however, the Maytag may have something of an advantage. Though more expensive than the Shark, on average, it is far more affordable than the Oliso Pro and boasts some of the highest customer ratings around, making it one of the best steam irons under $100.

Shark GI462 – Currently Unavailable!

If you are looking for the Mack Daddy of irons, then this is the model for you. This is a commercial grade lightweight steam iron that features a 10ft cord and a 360 degree pivot to help you steam iron from virtually any position, whether vertically or horizontally.

The Perks:

  • This is the grand deluxe of steam irons, featuring multiple steaming and misting options, as well as easy-to-use temperature controls and fabric selector button;
  • The iron also boasts a number of the amenities of the previous models, including anti-drip and anti-calcification properties to both protect your garments and to prolong the life of the iron;
  • The iron includes an ample stainless steel soleplate and a comfort grip handle to ensure effortless gliding and easy access to tough-to-reach spaces on your most delicate fabrics.

The Drawbacks:

  • Despite its claims to be a professional-grade steam iron, at 1500 watts, it is still less powerful than a number of the models previously reviewed here;
  • The general consensus on the performance and durability of this iron has been decidedly mixed. Many users report problems with the anti-drip function. More significant, many users report performance issues requiring repairs straight out of the box, especially regarding the steam button, the power cord, and the heating element. When weighed against the other models on this list, the GI462 may not live up to its promises or to the performance of many of the other irons on this list.

Shark GS500 – Press and Refresh Portable Garment Steamer

Shark GS500 Portable Garment SteamerThough the most expensive Shark model on this list, the GS500 is also one of the best reviewed and highest performing products reviewed here. This is a professional-grade handheld steamer that provides exceptional results in a stylish design.

The Perks:

  • This little dynamo provides superb garment steaming performance in a tiny, attractive package. Perhaps the best feature of this little steamer is the model’s powerful, instantaneous, and continuous steam flow;
  • Another perk of this model is the Vertical Press Pad, which allows you to steam your garments from an upright position, creating a virtual ironing board for superior results quickly and efficiently;
  • The Heated Wrinkle Eraser is another premium feature that makes this little beauty stand out from the rest. No matter the condition of your garments or the delicacy of the fabric, this neat little feature will leave your apparel looking fresh, sharp, clean, and crisp;
  • Another innovative feature of the Shark Garment Steamer is that its unique Garment Care System cuts 99.9% of the germs, pollutants, and allergens which may have accumulated on your fabrics, leaving your garments looking and smelling as if they were freshly laundered.

The Drawbacks:

  • At nearly $80, the garment steamer is far and away the most expensive item on this list, which some consumers may find excessive—especially for a small, portable tool;
  • The handheld, portable design reduces the overall footprint, reducing the garment coverage area that can be covered in a single pass;
  • The vertical steaming function, requiring you to hang your garments from a door, shower rod, or hook may feel awkward for some users, who may prefer to work on a traditional horizontal ironing board.

The Leading Competitors:

Despite the stellar reviews of this Shark model, leading competitors, such as the Rowenta DW5080 and the Rowenta DW9280 may have an advantage with some consumers. Both Rowenta models are extremely powerful, offering professional-grade results. The DW5080 is at a similar price point to this Shark model, while the Rowenta DW5080 is significantly more expensive than the Shark, perhaps giving the Shark an advantage. Nevertheless, the powerful vertical steaming capacities of the Rowenta models make them ideal for garment steaming, but in the traditional design of an horizontal iron, which some users may prefer.

Which Shark Iron is Best to Buy? – The Takeaway

winner in all shark irons

Let’s face it, ironing isn’t fun. It’s no one’s idea of a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. But there is an array of tools out there to make the task easier, more efficient, and more pleasant. The Shark company has pioneered an illustrious catalogue of household products to meet the unique and evolving needs of their customers.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Shark’s impressive line of very high performing steam irons and garment steamers. The product line features a host of amenities, such as anti-drip and anti-calcification properties to prolong the life of both your garment and your iron. Or you can select a model that features the extra large water tank and vertical steaming capabilities to make ironing even the most difficult and delicate of garments a breeze.

Best of all, the Shark product line, on the whole, is quite easy on the pocketbook, featuring extremely high performing, professional-grade products are very reasonable prices. This is especially evident when you compare these highly rated Shark models with similar products, such as the Olison Pro.

Despite the many things worth bragging about in this product line, there are a number of issues that keep cropping up in customer reviews across model types, such as concerns with the steam button or with the overall longevity of the irons. Some reviewers have also expressed disappointment with the construction of the iron or the performance of the power cord and anti-drip feature.

All in all, however, the Shark line of steam irons and garment steamers are superstars in the Best Irons under $50 and the Best Irons under $100 categories. No matter what you are looking for in a steam iron at any price point, Shark is likely to have one that will meet, and exceed, your best hopes and highest expectations.