How to Properly Iron Shirts, Pants, and Skirts

Don’t we all just love life hacks? Ironing can be the most frustrating job ever given the different types of fabrics, patterns, and pieces of clothes involved.

Necessary guidelines are therefore required to ensure easy time when it comes to ironing for the purpose of efficiency and reliability.

To dive in the depth of detail, the ironing of pants, shirts, and skirts basically takes the same course except when different materials, patterns, and texture which may need extra attention to detail are put in place.

Below are some of the quick methods and procedures to consider when ironing your shirt, pants, and skirts.


1. Iron

The iron should be of good quality, clean and free from any rust or starch that has been burnt to avoid staining or ruining the clothes.

The quality of the iron ensures that it doesn’t result in burning the fabric of the clothes should it be of a very poor quality.

Ensure you get the perfect iron for your fabric and not necessarily in terms of cheap vs expensive iron, which can be achieved through clothing iron buying guide.

You can also get a best handheld garment steamer depending with a load of ironing and fabric as well as your needs.

2. Ironing board

Ensure that the board is clean, stable and padded for easy moving of the iron to and from along the surface.

The top cover should be made of a material that is not retardant to flame as well as easy to provide an escape for the steam through the fabric during ironing.

A good ironing board serves for the features of both dry versus steam iron. Some people prefer to use an old flat surface which is only advisable for emergencies.

3. Water

The water should be little preferably in a spray bottle to enable easy sprinkling of water on the surface of the fabric to be ironed.

4. Light starch

This is meant to stiffen the fabric especially cotton or otherwise polyester

How to Iron Shirts

The proper ironing of the shirt should take a maximum of three minutes as it is the easiest piece of a garment to do.

If the correct procedure is adhered to, you will have your perfectly ironed shirt in a shorter time and save all the unnecessary struggles put into the ironing process.


To avoid wrinkling up the rest of the shirt while ironing is in progress, always start with the sleeves and leave them to hand by the sides then finish the rest of the fabric of the shirt.

Aim to get the better results of ironing the whole sleeve perfectly by opening the cuffs of the shirt. Ensure that they are flat on the surface as you iron the shirt.

When it comes to the collar, avoid folding it down. When ironing it, make sure that it is open and lay it flat on the ironing board.

After ironing, don’t fold or wear the shirt immediately as the heat from iron exposes the fabric of the shirt to higher temperatures that may not be friendly to the achieved degree of the ironed shirt.

Therefore, give the shirt a few minutes for cooling down.

How to Iron Pants

When it comes to getting the wrinkles off your pants, pressing is a preferable phrase as compared to ironing as to get the most desired results you will need the application of that gentle pressure and steam and less of the heat and motion movement of the iron itself.


To ensure that you end up with a perfect crease and well-ironed pants, have them lay flat on the ironing board in a way that the leg seams match.

Have the crease go as far as up the leg that is only about six inches below the waist always ensuring the front crease is set first. Should your pants have pleats, have the creases reach the pleats.

Hang the pants for at least an hour if they have been pressed in a crease if otherwise, allow them to cool down for a few moments.

How to Iron Skirts

If you happen to be ironing a skirt, it is easy as all you have to do is iron from the top to the bottom. This is however not applicable to the skirts that flare out at the bottom.

In case of a skirt as such, always start from the bottom ironing easy flared or simply flounces piece then move all the way to the waist.

Skirts are the easiest piece of garment to iron, particular attention should just be a pain to the type of the fabric the skirt is made up off.

Considerable points when it comes to ironing

Heat degree and fabric type

Silk and polyester require important attention attributed to it to maintain their appearance, for instance, the use of the lowest degree of heat. Sometimes a linen barrier cloth of simply barrier reduces the amount of heat exposed to the fabric.

Wool and rayon will go with the medium degree while cotton and linen settle for the highest degree of heat.

If you have no idea of the type of fabric you are about to iron, start from the lowest minimal degree of heat after simply pressing. Fabric types direct your needs to the choice of dry versus steam iron

Types of iron to consider

There is dry versus steam iron where the best steam iron with the consideration of Rowenta DW5080 and the best of it all being Rowenta DW8080 works for those fabrics that remove creases and wrinkles faster as compared to dry given the moisture that loosens the fabric.

Best handheld garment steamers are preferable when it comes to traveling or simply light straightening of garments.

Pinching (an iron-less form of getting rid of wrinkles)

This is extremely helpful when you are in a hurry to have your clothes ironed or have no means of ironing.

The use of the shower

It is believed that when you hang your clothes directly outside the shower curtain or door as hot water is running tend to be an easy way to get rid of the wrinkles on your clothes and garments.

Although risky as the clothes could get soaked given one mindless splash, it’s an actual life hack.

Water spritzing

Introduction of moisture into the garments can get rid of wrinkles. To achieve this, simple sprinkle water on the area you want wrinkle free and rub it gently before flattening it down over a flat surface without holding it for long.

The use of the dryer

This is for those with extra time to spare. Have your wrinkled garment spayed with a substantial amount of water and then pass it through the dryer for a fast and hot tumble.

Take it out of the dyer while still hot and have it hung up immediately.


Ironing can be an easier task should you pay keen interest to the simplest methods and follow the right procedures for each garment given their design, fabric, and color.

All these factors will determine the amount of heat used on the garment and how best to use the iron as well as the kind of pressure to apply in order to get the best results.

Have the condition of your shirts, pants, and skirts maintained with this simple tricks or ironing and maintenance.

The preferred best steam irons with incredible features are Black and Decker IR40V, Rowenta dw5080 and Rowenta DW8080 which is considered as the best Rowenta iron.