Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF 407 Review – Professional Clothes Steamer


Fabric steamers are fast becoming more and more popular as buyers get to know about the multiple benefits of steaming over ironing. Steam is proven to be much-more effective at getting rid of odors and wrinkles from clothing than a traditional iron. Besides that, it is a lot more gentle, especially on more delicate fabrics, it leaves a shine on heavier fabrics, it’s faster, and it is more green!

Are you sick of ironing but do not want to spend money on expensive dry cleaning services or steamers? Then you should consider acquiring the Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer. It is reliable, convenient, fast and works well on all types of fabrics from denim clothes to delicate blouses. Below we provide a detailed and honest Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer review.

Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer Review

Upgrade to fabric steamer conair and you’ll not only have better looking clothes every day, but also cut down on wasted time. The Steamfast SF-407 is reliable, and an effective fabric steamer good for any laundry room. The easy-roll casters, large reservoir, and handy accessories make this a great companion for all-of your fabric steaming tasks. Take a look at some key features of the Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF407.

Features of Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

  • Detachable, adjustable telescopic pole
  • 40-ounce removable water tank
  • Superior efficiency – Pre-heats in just 45 seconds
  • Extra tools for precise steaming
  • A clothes hanger hook
  • Press pad acts like a mini-ironing board
  • An attachable fabric brush
  • 4 smooth-rolling casters for easy and optimum mobility
  • Dimensions: The SF-407 Fabric Steamer weighs in at 8.2 pounds and measures 12-3/5” (L) x 8” (W) x 12” (H) inches. This is 2.23 lbs lighter than the SteamFast SF-560, which weighs in at 10.43 pounds.


40-Ounce Removable Water Tank

The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer’s 40 ounce water tank is removable, which allows for easy refilling. Consider using distilled water if you want longer-lasting steam. Compare this with the capacity of the SteamFast SF-520, 70-oz. If there’s any extra water left in the tank after steaming, be sure remove the tank and pour it out before storage. The high water capacity makes it-possible to steam your clothing for longer times without having to refill. Tackle numerous garments or large sized curtains and drapes without refilling the Steamfast SF-407.steam-fast-sf-407


Pre-heats in just 45 seconds

This full-sized standing steamer features 1500-watts of power for fast steam production. It can be ready for steaming in-as little as 45 seconds, an amazing feat despite the size of the tank. The moderately sized water reservoir allows for up to 45-minutes of continuous hot, stable steaming. This indicates that the unit may well be one of-the most efficient clothing steamers available on the market (compare to a 60-80 minute steaming time from SteamFast SF-540, which features an 78 fl-ounce tank). This powerful steam flow will de-wrinkle and deodorize the toughest fabrics.

Powerful and Longer Lasting Steam Flow

The hot steam produced will penetrate deep into fabrics, to enable the machine to relax fibers and straighten wrinkles out faster than an iron. The powerful steam flow will de-wrinkle & deodorize the toughest fabrics. Besides, the steam is also quite gentle and safe to use on any kind of fabrics including your most delicate fabrics. The steamer is more-effective on fabrics for garment care which is all natural.

Extra Tools For Precise Steaming

Steamfast Professional SF-407 fabric garment clothes steamer portable also comes with additional tools that allow for more precise steaming. These include an attachable fabric brush, press pad, hook for clothes, and telescopic pole.

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The Detachable and Adjustable Telescopic Pole

First of all, you get a telescopic pole for convenient storage & optimal user comfort. This means you can work at various heights without an issue, although some have noted the pole could be longer. The telescopic wand lets you steam skirts, trousers, skirts, long dresses, and sheets at their full length. That is because it’s detachable and can therefore be adjusted to various different heights. That also means less mess in the storage place/attic.

Clothes hanger hook

A convenient clothes hanger hook is included so you do not have to find somewhere else to hang your items. The hook allows you to place your clothes in a perfect, up-right position for quick & easy strokes of steam. This hook is rugged, won’t rust, and will always leave your garments clean.

High Mobility

Need to move your machine down the hall, into the next room, or anywhere else? The SF-407 Fabric Steamer comes equipped with four durable, easy to move rolling casters which make the steamer extremely portable. So, no matter what you want to place it, it is always a breeze to move-it aside. This allows you to steam where it is most convenient for you.

An Attachable Fabric Brush

This comes as an additional attachment to help remove loose hair, dirt, lint or other loose items which land on your fabrics.

Dead Eye Accuracy

steamfast-sf-407-in-workWant more-control over your steaming? Well, included is a press pad which makes this a snap. Press pad acts like a small ironing board that you can place behind your fabrics or garments while steaming them so you can obtain smooth, flawless passes no matter what you are working on. It offers more precision when removing those pesky wrinkles.


This steamer is backed by a 1-year limited warranty and there is also a great network of customer service whenever you need help with the device.


What is the Steamfast Fabric Steamer SF-407 commonly used on?

The steamfast floor steamer is commonly used on clothing items like blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, coats, pants, and other things such as towels, drapes, shower curtains, fabric furniture and table linens. It’s however not recommended to use on synthetic fabrics and delicate materials, such as polyester and nylon.


  • Easy to maneuver – This steamer weighs just 8.2 lbs, making it very light-weight. Combine this with the 4 rolling casters, and you’ve a unit that is incredibly easy-to-move around the home for your steaming uses
  • It steams up/preheats really quick (45 seconds roughly). This is a great advantage, especially when time is short
  • Easy to Use – It’s also equipped with multiple user-friendly features. For example, the removable water tank makes it easy refilling, whilst the adjustable & detachable telescopic pole allows for easier, compact storage
  • Easy to adjust for different heights
  • 40-Oz handy, large removable water tank
  • Works exceptionally well on all fabrics – There aren’t any annoying water drips on to fabrics
  • Gets rid of wrinkles well and doesn’t burn clothing or upholsteries, which can sometimes happen with ironing
  • Extra tools for precise steaming
  • Reasonably priced


  • Extendable pole is a little short that you’ve to bend down in order to get to the bottom – it should be longer
  • Hose can get very hot while steaming
  • Difficult to fill reservoir
  • The hook wiggles around
  • The hanger may tend to wobble, especially if you place too much pressure on the clothes

Reviews from Uses of the Steamfast SF-407

In a number of fabric steamer reviews, most people say the SF-407 is quick to setup, easy-to-use, and a great value for your money. Many claim that this compact steamer works exceptionally well for removing wrinkles on blouses, shirts, and dresses. Some have even said that it works wonders for making bed-clothes look great. Besides, it is much more reasonably priced than other comparable steamers like the PureSteam Duo Iron & Pressurized Garment Steamer, which has higher price than the SF-407, is quite costly even though it’s a iron-steamer combo.

Steamfast SF-407 vs SF-510

There are a number of minor changes that have been made from the SF-407 to the SF-510. However, there are none which make me go, “Oh yes, you should definitely go-with the SF-510”. For instance, the hose is about half-a-foot longer on the SF-510. Plus you get about 5-minutes more steaming time with Steamfast SF-510 because its tank capacity is 46-ounces compared to 40-ounces in the 407. But it ins’t like the performance will be better or superior with the 510.

Steamfast SF-407 Alternatives

If you still want a floor steamer model, but would like to view options other than the Steamfast SF-407, we recommend that you check out the PureSteam XL Fabric Steamer – a top-selling fabric steamer on websites like Amazon.


Overall, the Steamfast sf 407 1500 watt fabric steamer review show that the unit is extremely well-received by consumers. It seems to be one of the highest quality and favored steamers currently on the market. Its relatively small tank size and lengthy steaming time should make it all the more appealing. It’s a powerful garment steamer which has proven to be quite effective and reliable in de-wrinkling and freshening all types of fabrics and killing bed-bugs and germs. And the best part is that it is very affordable too. It retails at below $xx on Amazon at-the time of this review. If you are looking for a faster, cheaper yet durable alternative to removing wrinkles and freshen your clothes without utilizing an iron, then this fabric steamer is a must have.


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