T-fal FV2640U0 Powerglide Review – Worth to Buy?

When you want to get rid of the wrinkles from your fabric, you will definitely go for a high-quality garment steamer. The steamers are capable of delivering desirable results within a short time. They can also access every inch of the fabric. When it comes to choosing an ideal steamer, one brand name stands out. This is Tefal. The company has been manufacturing fabric steam irons for approximately 60 years. Some of its products that are currently performing well in the market include Black+Decker D2030, T-fal FV1565U0, T-fal FV4495, T-fal FV2640U0, T-fal FV4017, and T-fal 9990. In this review, we are going to focus on the T-fal FV2640U0.

Powerglide T-fal FV2640U0 Review

T-fal FV2640U0 mainComing from a reputable manufacturer, Powerglide is a steam iron that promises to deliver beyond your expectations. With its powerful performance, the iron cleaner is capable of leaving a long-lasting impression on your fabrics. The promise of exemplary results is due to the unique features that the steamer has.

To give you a better understanding, let’s look at some specific features of T-fal FV2640U0.

Features T-fal FV2640U

  • Has a power rating of 1800 watts
  • Removable calc collector which is capable of producing 50% more steam than other steam iron.
  • The soleplate has enameled delirium celaric for even distribution of heat and also to facilitate a powerful glide
  • Ergonomic steam handle to trigger powerful bursts of steam
  • High levels of accuracy to access any part of the garment
  • Large water inlet hence easy to fill
  • An auto-shut system for a guaranteed safety


Extra-large head

FV2640U0 has an extra-large head which ensures that it covers a large surface area per ever move. This head is capable of spreading the steam on a large surface. This simply means that the steam will take your productivity to the next level. You will be able to do a lot in a short time.

Durilium Ceramic Soleplate

T-fal FV2640U0 soleplateThe steamer has an exclusive T-fal Durilium soleplate. This material is super-smooth to offer minimal resistance when gliding over the fabric. You can also be sure about the sure about the quality of your fabric as the soleplate won’t leave any scratches on them.

Powerful for the best results

With 1800 watts, it is quite easy to predict the results of this steam iron. FV2640U0 is powerful enough to deliver large quantities of steam to the fabric. To be precise, it pushes more than 50% of the steam. This means that it can get rid of wrinkles from your clothes fast and easily.

Effective Calc-Collector

T-fal FV2640U0 removable calc collectorOne of the biggest concerns when it comes to using steamers is the presence of mineral deposits. They usually find their ways to the clothes and leave some stains. FV2640U0 tackles this problem using its powerful and innovative calc-collector. This removable collector is designed to collect all the mineral deposits that are on the steam. This means that you will have sparkling-clean steam. The collector also protects the whole device against damage that may be caused by the mineral deposits.

Precision Point

Like other iron steam from the manufacturer, FV2640U0 has T-fal precision point. This technology ensures that the iron steam reaches and maneuvers through all parts of the fabric including collars and buttons.

Ergonomic Steam Trigger

T-fal FV2640U0 ergonomic steam triggerThe steam trigger of this located at the lower side of the handle. It has an ergonomic design which can be easily be pressed by a finger to release powerful bursts of steam.

Vertical Steam

T-fal FV2640U0 soleplate throwing steamT-fal FV2640U0 has a vertical steam setting. This special feature makes it ideal for the garments that are hanging.

Innovative Safety Feature

If the FV2640U0 is connected to the power source and left idle for 8 minutes while on a vertical position, It will automatically switch itself off. If let unused while on a face-down position, it will shut off after 30 seconds. These two safety features prevent the steam iron from burning fabrics or even getting damaged on its own. The iron will cool down hence preventing accidents. The safety feature also minimizes wastage of power.

T-fal FV2640U0 in use

Quick Pros and Cons of Powerglide T-fal FV2640U0


  • Vertical steam setting
  • Calc-collector for sparkling-clean fabrics
  • Facilitates even heat distribution
  • Easy to use
  • Produces steam within a short time
  • Meets high safety standards


  • The steam iron is quite heavy

So, Powerglide T-fal FV2640U0 a Good to Buy – Conclusion?

If you are looking for a steam iron that will get rid of wrinkles from your fabric and leave it spotless, consider getting T-fal FV2640U0. The steamer has quite a number of superior features that make it convenient to use while at the same time give a powerful performance.